Energy Saving Schemes / Approvals

Energy Saving Schemes / Approvals 2017-07-08T20:17:09+00:00

Financial incentives are available for replacing conventional lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.

Tortech Lighting has a number of products which have been approved under IPART (NSW) and VEET (VIC), this offers businesses a significant cost saving benefit as a result of the conversion from conventional lighting to LED lighting.

Start DateJuly 2009January 2009January 2013January 2009
Obligated PartiesNSW electricity retailersElectricity and gas retailers with 5,000+ customersTier 1 – Electricity retailers with up to 5,000 customers.
Tier 2 –  more than 5,000 customers
SA electricity and gas retailers with 5,000+ customers
Eligible to be an energy saverAccredited Certificate Providers (ACPs)Consumers of electricity and gasConsumers of electricityElectricity and gas retailers, able to engage third parties
Residential and/or commercial projects?Residential, commercial and industrialResidential and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s)Residential and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s)Residential only
Cost impact in $MWh Formula = Certificate Price ($/MWh) * X Target % X Emissions Factor^ (CO2/MWh)