Tortech Lighting Pty Ltd has its own Accredited Certificate Provider registered under Energy Saving Scheme NSW affiliated with us to provide financial incentives (Energy Saving Certificates) to our customers in their implementation of energy saving LED lighting.

Our Accredited Certificate Providers Services includes:

  • To advise the Client of the potential benefits that maybe available from the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS).
  • To guide the Client on the procedure, procurement and completion of all supporting documents for the application for energy saving certificates (ESC).
  • To conduct site illuminance measurements before and after install so as to advise and validate that the lighting levels for the business site meets the recommended levels as per AS/NZS 1680.
  • Responsible for all submissions and applications in relation to any Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), including the calculation of appropriate ESC and thereafter, disposal of the existing fittings.
  • To prepare all necessary documentation including the Agreement, Nomination Form and the Benefit Agreement.
  • To perform all other tasks and/or work required to achieve the successful application.

Our Accredited Certificate Provider will endeavour to ensure that at any point of the project, our customer is kept well briefed and informed on status of the project.