Our LED Lights hold certificate of suitability and are Approved by NSW Department of Fair Trade for safety and installation

NSW department of fair trading has decreed that the only Legal LED tubes are the ones where the power is fed from one side only (single ended tubes)

Features of the Tortech T8 tube:

  • Fin shape aluminum alloy design for fastest heat dissipation
  • 180 degree viewing angle, perfect lighting effect without dark area
  • Available for one end power
  • High quality constant current driver to keep the long life of LED tube
  • High output LED light to meet the replacement of fluorescent tube
  • UV, Infrared, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury free.
  • Good cooling design surface temperature below 40 deg C
  • 1 Year warranty

Units Approved by NSW Department of Fair Trade see approvals
NSW IPART & VIC VEET approvals for government scheme rebates for certain models
Financial savings? calculate returns from conversion to LEDs with our savings calculator

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Wattage: 9W, 10W
Colour Temperature: Natural
Lens: Clear, Frosted

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Wattage: 18W, 20W
Colour Temperature: Natural, Cool
Lens: Clear, Frosted

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Wattage: 24W, 10W
Colour Temperature: Natural
Lens: Frosted

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