Tortech Lighting Pty Ltd LED Floodlights are ideal for lighting up residential and commercial outdoor areas, yards, driveways, loading bays and common areas.

OurĀ  LED Flood Lights hold certificate of suitability and Approval by NSW Department of Fair Trade for safety and installation

All units come with a 1 Year warranty

The strong aluminium body doubles as a heat sink to prolong the LED life as well as providing a waterproof (IP65 rated) case for the internal electronic components.

Our lights have an adjustable metal bracket for installing in almost any location.
All lights comes complete with a flex plug and 3 pin connector for easy do-it-yourself installation.

Our Meanwell LED Driver is Australian approved

NSW IPART & VIC VEET approval on select models for government scheme rebates

Our difference is in the LED Driver & chip and heat dissipation technology used.

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